Julie Kagawa:

New York Times

Bestselling author of the Iron Fey Series

Born in Sacramento, CA, Julie Kagawa moved to Hawaii at the age of nine. There she learned many things: how to bodyboard, that teachers scream when you put centipedes in their desks and that writing stories in math class is a fantastic way to kill time.

Her teachers were glad to see her graduate. Julie now lives in Louisville, KY, with her husband and a plethora of pets. She still laughs whenever she sees a centipede.

Visit her at juliekagawa.blogspot.ca.

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Dear Readers,

The first part of The Iron Fey saga has come to an end, and I truly cannot thank you enough for coming with me on such an incredible journey. When I began writing The Iron King in the fall of 2009, I had no idea what was to come. That the series would grow so quickly, that it would give rise to “Team Ash” and “Team Puck,” or even that Ash would need his own book because readers couldn’t bear the thought of him and Meghan apart. Now, four books and two novellas later, it’s absolutely thrilling to think that Meghan, Ash, Puck, Grimalkin, and the rest of the Iron Fey world will never be forgotten, that they’ve achieved their own sort of immortality, for as long as readers remember them.

Now it’s time for another group to step forward and try for that immortality.

Convenient, considering the first book in this new series is called The Immortal Rules and its heroine is a vampire. Allison Sekemoto’s postapocalyptic world is very different from Meghan’s. It’s dark and ruthless, which makes Allie a fighter and a skeptic from the beginning. In her dreams, there are no Prince Charmings—or brooding princes of any sort—to ride in and sweep her off her feet; Allie has learned not to trust anyone and to take care of herself. In a world as dangerous and unforgiving as hers, true friendship is hard to come by, and love seems impossible—it would surely end in tragedy. Or so she thinks.

Allie’s transformation—from a cynical street rat who despises vampires, to one of the monsters herself—lies at the heart of The Immortal Rules. There are plenty of other fun things, of course: raiders, rabids, ragtag humans on the hunt for a mythical city—but at its core, The Immortal Rules is about a girl who becomes a monster and must learn what that means. For herself and for everyone around her.

I hope fans of The Iron Fey series will enjoy this foray into something a little darker and grittier. If you like mind-blowing action, tough, snarky heroines, and truly terrifying vampires, this one is for you. If you’ve never been a vampire fan, I hope you’ll give it a try.

Thank you for all the amazing moments on this journey. Here’s to sharing many more!



See if this hits your inner "like" button: a teenage girl in a dangerous and fascinating world, forced to fight for survival and navigate an impossible romance. Amazing heroines like this are author's Julie Kagawa's sweet spot. Her reluctant vampire character Allie Sekemoto shares a lot in common with the heroine of her best-selling saga The Iron Fey: Meghan Chase is half-human and half-faery, battling to save the magical realms from total destruction—and juggling two powerful and amazing potential boyfriends. Visit Meghan's world at theironfey.com.


The Forever SongAllison Sekemoto once struggled with the question: human or monster?  With the death of her love, Zeke, she has her answer. MONSTER
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